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Best Fancy Store  Billing Software
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Features at Glance

Stock Management

Track your stock, set min/ max stock level, make inventory up to date. BillingProbe with advanced inventory tracking helps to streamline your entire Fancy Store

Purchase Management

Add / Update / Track your Purchase & No need to feed manual Purchase. Import bill from Excel or CSV format to save time with 100% accuracy for your entire Fancy Store

Godown / Multiple Store

From Billing, POS to Balance Sheet, manage Multiple Store & Godowns all at one place. Manage & Transfer inventory, from your one Fancy Store to another

Bills on Email

Send Invoices, Outstandings, Stock and Sale Analysis etc. & various reports to customers or your staff directly on Email through BillingProbe Billing & POS Software

Barcode wise Billing

Improve Billing Speed by 60% by Barcode Scanning and Also, reduce the customer's waiting time at counters for your Fancy Store

Cash Drawer

Manage all your cash register online with 100% accurate prediction for the amount present in your cash drawer across different locations for your Fancy Store

GST Billing

Create GST Invoices & Push transactions into GSTN portal in Excel, JSON or CSV Format & File GST returns directly.

Detailed Report

Get detailed reports of everything happening in your Fancy Store with our 29+ built-in reporting module

Point of Sale

Worlds Best Point of Sale system for Fancy Store

Our Point of sale system is highly advanced and meet all the Standards of Point of sale system which make us worlds leading.

  • Light Speed Fast & Super Easy
  • Based on Artificial intelligence
  • Highly Customizable
  • Completely Fit in your Fancy Store
Best Fancy Store  POS Software

Employee accounts and permissions

Unless you’re a one-person operation, chances are you’ll have multiple people working your registers. You need a system that allows you to create a user for each of them so that you can track the sales every person makes. This feature will ultimately allow you to set sales goals (or see if one of your employees is perhaps being dishonest).


Inventory tracking

Get an overview of your inventory across all your locations and get it moving faster.

Centralized purchasing

Purchase new stock for all your locations at once and redistribute it as you wish.


With the click of a button, transfer items from one location to another to accommodate your customers and optimize your sales.

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